What is INTAR India 2016?

For any of you who want to know more about INTAR2016 and our work there… read!

Val Resh

All of us have heard about alternatives in mental health care, holistic models and natural practices. But very few have heard of INTAR. World over many yet only speak of conventional psychology, regular treatments, the chemical imbalance and all such concepts buying it’s way into mental health awareness. Most have no clue about what alternatives and holistic care mean. Those who do are limited in terms of practitioners and experiential experts.

INTAR India 2016 has been one of those conferences where the who’s who of mental health from all over the world shared their knowledge and experience. From members of WHO, UN, CRPD drafters, psychiatrist, academicians, lawyers, activists, advocates, user survivors, caregivers, social workers, volunteers, art based therapist, counsellors, lecturers, film makers, other doctors and other labelled individuals – there were people representing almost every area in the field.

From community work to creativity, holistic models to spiritual and shamanistic…

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  1. i just found you through a link from zero waste chef. i like your site. i think i’d like to see some of your poetry.


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