An open letter to Aakanksha Bhatia

Dear Aakanksha,

I am writing in response to your well researched and informative open letter, posted earlier this morning. Here is the link for anyone interested:

At the onset, let me apologise and say that I am deeply saddened by causing you so much grief. I believe this whole issue escalated out of control with a lot of my friends and supporters, and me, saying cruel things in a public space. For all of this, I am sorry. I truly can see how this may have hurt you, harmed you, and caused you grief.

It is clear now that it was a technical error on the part of Women’s Web, and they have apologised as well.

I hope we can have coffee in Delhi soon; I come back in June, and clarify all this over flowers and coffee and chocolate.

I come bearing an olive branch.

With warmest regards and deepest apologies,

Jhilmil Breckenridge


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