Flirting with online dating!

2015-04-04 13.26.05 HDR
I came to England for a fresh start. Deciding to enroll at university, I figured I was bound to meet someone to date in the library, the cafe, or at class! But no one really looks at mature students, and the average age of people in my class is 25 ( I am 47!). Over too many glasses of red wine, I was convinced by a friend to give online dating a shot, that it is no longer sleazy, and that he actually knew people who were now engaged to be married, and they had met online.

So, my adventure with online dating began a few months ago. From the man who cried on our first date and wanted a relationship right away, to the younger man who had a foot fetish and wanted me to send him photos of my feet… from the man who wanted to marry me after just one meeting to the one I was lusting after who seems uninterested… it’s been an interesting couple of months!

One of my top prospects invited me to check out his fitness club. This morning began with a great yoga class, mid intensity and not too tough, and just hard enough to feel your body working. As I am a yoga teacher in India, for me it’s always fun to see how other teachers structure their class, and I have to say, this was a lovely class. My “date” was in the briefest of shorts and a t-shirt, so before we started, I was a bit concerned. Would this be a Bikram Hot Yoga class where everyone is almost naked and we do yoga in 45 degree heat? My sensible velour track pants and very modest t-shirt seemed a little out of character… So when we had a normal vinyasa flow class, I was so relieved!

After the class, I donned my bright orange swimsuit and we jumped into the pool for a few laps, and then relaxed in the steam room for a bit. This is how the rich and privileged spend their mornings (this was all being done between 10 am to noon) while the rat race works. I was happy with my hybrid privileged status, that of a mature student, so I basked in the heat of the steam and felt all the toxins leaving my body.

I was all set to come back to my essays after the fitness date, but I was informed of a lunch that my date had prepared for me. Wouldn’t I partake of lasagna and aubergine parmigiana and let my palate be tickled by a wee amount of champagne? Twist my arm, and so a few minutes later, I was sitting on a beautiful balcony overlooking the river, imbibing the said delights! The sun was perfect, and through my Chopard sunglasses and the wellbeing champagne showers on you, my date looked younger and more handsome… Over espressos and a few stolen kisses, we set up our next date, and life in London is suddenly looking more interesting!

But now, my essays and submissions beckon, so until I write again, Ciao! (Did I mention my date was Italian?!). I still have not found that special person who makes my heart skip a beat, I still have not met someone who I’d like to embark on a relationship with. But my opinion of online dating has changed… and yes, I am hopeful, happy and busy dating!


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