Loneliness enters my being like a heartbeat. It surrounds me like a shroud of invisibility. With no conversation around, I am attuned to the sound of my own breathing, the sound of the water dripping in the basin, the gentle rain outside…

But loneliness is also empowering. With nothing to lose, you can take more risks. You can go out and try something new. You can write a book, or dream. Out of the lethargy emerges energy and creation.

Day eight in a new city. Will this be a year of loneliness? Or one of creation? Or both?


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  1. Hello Jhilmil,

    Nice blog with nice design and fonts. It’s looking great.

    Writers are known to be lonely and introvert creatures. All writing is a lonely job. Just you and your computer, sitting all day long, typing away, thinking whether anyone will care to read or not …

    In fact I like to stay alone. As you say, when you are lonely you can write a book.

    That’s why I became a writer. 🙂

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