Full Circle in London

Today is my fourth day in London. I am back to live here after 25 years and it feels like full circle. I am studying again, as I was then. I am living alone, as I was then. The differences are many… grey hair, too many extra pounds, perhaps a little more wisdom.

It is a little daunting to go back to university in my forties. To go to the library and notice only youngsters around. To go to the cafe and people barely notice a middle aged woman. Things were different before. But it’s also strangely empowering. I can get my work done without the pressure of wanting to date. I can wear the same jeans two days in a row because who’s going to notice?!

London stays the same. The same underground. The same Oxford Circus. The same sandwiches and the same Tesco and Boots. As I live here this year, I know I will be part of many new things, and I am excited, hopeful, and passionate.

Till I write again, stay warm, stay open, and stay wonderful!


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